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Why to choose Azeta Group:

We bring passion into the work of our customers.


Project management and support


Bid and tender support Project coordination


Customised engineering solutions


Support with your Italian partners for business, projects and products


Business internationalisation, focusing on Italy

Azeta Group helps European companies succeed in Australia.

Azeta Group wants to help European companies succeed in Australia, by providing local support in engineering management,
project management and business development.
Azeta Group fills the gaps related to distance, language, time difference, business culture,
knowledge of the industry, local policies, compliance just to name a few.
Azeta Group help clients finding the best business to partner with, identifying and responding to bids and tenders,
providing marketing support and attending industry expos and events.
Azeta Group fixes our clients problems by being based here in Australia for them and relies on a network of engineers, managers and business experts located in the main Australian cities.

Our services are specifically valuable for companies that have either:


Products to place in the australian market


Services to offer in the australian market


Projects to execute in the australian territory

Federal Government budget for rail in for 2018-2019:

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