Products and Solutions

IVM – Innovative Vibration Monitoring

IVM is an innovative organisation, dedicated to develop end-to-end monitoring & diagnostics systems, mainly focused on wheel/rail interaction, both in static and in dynamic conditions.
Measurement of vertical forces and weight distribution on wheels for rolling stock, finally made easy, fast, accurate and reliable. Importantly, it is portable and lightweight. Compliant to EN15654-2:2019


Lucchini RS - leader in casting and forging

Lucchini RS Group is a leader in the design and production of rolling stock products, castings and forgings for all industrial sectors. The strengths of the Group lie in its integrated production facilities, from the production of steel to the assembly of finished products, in the competence of its human resources, and in its know-how and organisation, wholly focused on its customers and markets.
High performance wheels and axles Wide range of products: wheels, tyres and axles for all rolling stock such as high speed intercity, heavy haul and mass transit system.

Smartset: wheelsets diagnostic solution
Constant monitoring of bending and torsional loads on wheelset axles directly installed on the axle surface without any modification of wheelset geometry.



World leader with over 40 years of passion in communication systems and display technologies. All the fundamental phases of design and production are carried out internally in Bergamo headquarters; further sales offices are located in Brazil, Germany, India, Spain and in the United States. From 1977 on, the company continued growing and today it counts over 400 employees dedicated to product excellence.

TFT and LED displays
A wide range of Aesys displays and solutions for on-board and on-ground systems, from LED technology to LCD-TFT, including hardware and software and system integration.

VDS Rail

Design and manufacture High Technology devices for today and tomorrow Rolling Stock vehicles. Driven by a high-technology customer-focused approach and aiming at providing our customers with the most advanced solutions. VDS Rail is a trusted partner when it comes to rolling stock's on-board networks.
Onboard network devices
- Consist Ethernet Switches including managed and unmanaged switches
- Train Backbone Nodes for IEC 61375 implementation, implementing TTDP protocol.
- Ethernet repeaters

HMI devices and monitors


Established in 1904, Manifattura Testori is a manufacturer of technical fabrics and the ideal partner to create “made in Italy” design environments for Aviation, Railway, Marine and Hospitality interiors. Besides our own collections of fabrics, we also offer a complete consultancy from graphic design to the creation of prototypes through to the development of the final product including all necessary certifications.
Fabrics, synthetic leathers and fireproof solutions
Our product offer is always accompanied by our technical support service for the design, development and manufacture of new products. samples and prototypes with the required mechanical certifications, European standard EN 45545:2 which conform to the R21 test at all hazard levels and Fire Vertical Test according to the CS 25.853 (a) – App. F, Part I (a)(1)(ii).