About us

AZeta Group provides engineering, project management and business development services for the rail industry in Australia.

There are two main streams of work:

  • Overseas companies exploring projects and opportunities in Australia, needing business insights from local experts
  • Australian companies requiring local qualified support for tenders, projects or general business activities

Who we are

Azeta Group is a consulting firm providing engineering, project management and business development services in the rail and more broadly in the transport and infrastructure industry of Australia and New Zealand.

We are a Melbourne-based team of qualified professionals of European background, with over 25 years of Australian experience. Through a consolidated network of affiliate professionals from other disciplines based in the main Australian cities, we can satisfy broader business needs related to legal, accounting, marketing, logistic, and any other related discipline.

We help our international clients to overcome the technical, cultural and operational challenges of long-distance business relations, and to successfully navigate the opportunities that the region offers, through different forms of collaborations in line with their objectives: participation to tenders, commercial partnerships and JV, project execution, technical support, products certification, opening of branches, etc.

We also collaborate with local Australian companies with their day-by-day needs in engineering, product and technology acquisition, and international supply chain development. We mainly specialise in the transport and infrastructure industry, however we often cross path through projects and opportunities with other connected industries, among the others: energy, logistic, manufacture, automotive, defence, industrial machinery, energy and power, technology and software development, research and innovation.

We have strong connections with local Universities in Australia as well as with industry bodies, government agencies and local partners.

Start with WHY

Australia is today the world's 12th largest economy and at the same time one of the fastest growing developed country. Until the global shock of 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, the Australian economy kept growing constantly for over 30 years (also through the financial crisis of 2009!), at an average of + 3% GPD/year. Thanks to its low public debt, the Country was able to respond to the pandemic crisis with effective measures, that are leading to a very fast recovery. Another key element to consider, when talking about Australia, is the constant growth of its population, sitting today at 25 million people. Thirty years ago (in 1991) it was just 17 million and the current growth patterns will lead to 38 million by 2051. This means that the country keeps struggling with the constant need for more infrastructures, more connections, more public and private transport. The number of opportunities that this sector has to offer in Australia is endless.

However, despite being a first-class country in terms of transparency and regulations, it’s surprising to see how much international companies struggle when they try to approach Australia, for a mix of reasons: a different business culture, time zone difference, language barriers, high costs associated to relocating managers from Europe to Australia, or simply the excessive number of long-haul flights. Unfortunately, many overseas companies believe Australia is too far and too difficult to deal with, and simply renounce to explore the numerous opportunities that this country has to offer.